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The Umwelt Apparatus is a design exercise inspired by von Uexküll’s “A Stroll through the Worlds of Animals and Men” from 1934. The idea is to devise and build a simulation apparatus that would help us experience the world from the point of view of a selected animal client – offering a glimpse into the unique ways in which the animal senses and interacts with the world.
I have been repeating the exercise in my Human-Animal-Machine course over the past years and am continuously surprised by the level of intimacy, empathy, and commitment it creates between the students and the animals they are designing for. Here are a few of the projects from the past years.
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Dana Taub and Ofek Raz
Shir Kedmi, Asaf Elhanati, Gali Shechner
Gaya Salman, Stav Bouzaglo and Guy Landau
Shelly Boneh
Erez Ezra
Rotem Guy
Siran Ordekian and Marian Basharat
Amiel Libling and Roni Halel
Ravid Sandlerman
Orni Bloch and Yael Salem
Asaf Ohana
Yuval Malchi
Maryam Zaaroura
Surayyn Uthaya-Selvan
Dafna Galeen
Alon Nisan
Yoav Dabas
Yehia Aburaya and Rania Assi