Integrated green grey infrastructure (IGGI) seeks to improve the multifunctionality of hard, essential grey infrastructure in towns and cities where softer, nature-based green infrastructure (GI), such as wetlands, swales, parks and tree planting, are not socially, technically or economicaly feasible/

The greyest areas of our cities have the fewest ecosystem services, limited physical space for conventional GI approaches and have essential building and non-building infrastructure (e.g. roads, tramways, quay walls, flood defences, street furniture) that must remain primarily grey to retain their essential function.

What if it were possible to green these grey features whilst retaining their essential grey function?

IGGI is an ongoing multidisciplinary research project lead by Dr. Larissa Naylor of Glasgow University of with I am proud to take part. This poster was presented at the Building Prosperous Cities conference in 2016.
See the poster in a larger format here.