In 2012 my design for the Urchin tile came in third place in the Animal Architecture awards.

I named my proposal "Timeshare with a limpet"

Synanthropic species are a tiny fraction of all species on earth. In his 2003 book Win-Win Ecology Michael Rosenzweig urges us to learn how to share our human habitats with more species to avoid losing most of the earth’s biodiversity. In order to test our sharing capabilities I started in a place where there is very low risk of arguments over who’s turn it is to use the habitat: The intertidal zone. I tried to imagine how an existing structure on Hannafore beach in Cornwall, UK can be used both by humans and by marine creatures with the tide marking the switchover. The result turns out beneficial for all parties. Intertidal species get a protected habitat that keeps water when the tide is out and in turn keep the structure clean of algae that compromise its safety as a walkway for humans.